M.E.S. Automation s.r.l.: color kitchens, dosing systems

M.E.S. Automation s.r.l.: color kitchens, dosing systems

Transport systems: A.G.V. (Move Your Labour)

Transport system: details of A.G.V. Mod.

Transport system: A.G.V. (Move Your Labour)It’s the world most efficient system for moving and manipulating every kind of object in your factory departments. Thanks to its great variety of configuration and equipment, our automated guided veicle became a real slave robot.

In some application, the A.G.V. is supported with one or more automatic warehouses for the store and the reuse of the textile colors.

Another common use Is the “Pick and Place”. The wire-guided robot with a Scare arm is able to manipulate and transport with an extreme precision any kind of small dimension objects.

They are really mobiles robots wire-guided ables to move inside the factory trasporting material from one department to another. The most important feature is the little dimension (60 x 60 cm.) that allows the movent of these robots in a reduced spaces with a load that can arrive up to 150kg. Those system of transport are normally included with the system of automatic warehuose.
Today we have 2 system for textile industry and one for another field (Siemens).

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