M.E.S. Automation s.r.l.: color kitchens, dosing systems

M.E.S. Automation s.r.l.: color kitchens, dosing systems

Dosing systems: Powder Fast Colors

Dosing systems: details for Powder Fast Colors Mod.

Dosing system Powder Fast ColorsThis machine is intended primarily for dispensing colored dyes in powder form. The term ”Fast Colour” is derived from the system’s great speed in the preparation of colours, which can be twice as fast when compared with systems using traditional technologies.

This is the only system in the world that can dispense both liquid and powder based products and it is able to operate in any environment, thanks to a unique system for conditioning the inside of the tanks containing the powdered dyes. Today we have 13 installations: 6 Italy, 1 Europe,
6 rest of the world.

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