M.E.S. Automation s.r.l.: color kitchens, dosing systems

M.E.S. Automation s.r.l.: color kitchens, dosing systems

Dosing systems: MiniCompact

Dosing systems: details for MiniCompact Mod.

Dosing system MiniCompactMINICOMPACT is the “little sister” of the COMPACT model in the sense that, whilst retaining the same basic specifications, it needs only about half the space.

It is aimed at small-scale production runs and particularly for the production of many samples, which is a necessity for many printers. For this reason, it is equipped with a high resolution balance (0.01 gr.).
The system can be installed with a maximum of 60 colours in 30 litre tanks and up to10 thickeners. Maximum levels of automation have been achieved by implementing totally automatic loading, dispensing, mixing and stock management. The machine can work autonomously for several hours without operator intervention. Today we have 8 installations: 2 Italy, 4 Europe, 2 rest of the world.

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