M.E.S. Automation s.r.l.: color kitchens, dosing systems

M.E.S. Automation s.r.l.: color kitchens, dosing systems

Dosing systems: H.P.S.

Dosing systems: details of H.P.S. Mod.

Dosing system H.P.S.Modular system for the gravimetric dosing of liquid product, consisting of one fixed dispenser and one or more mobile dosing unit. The dispenser is a metallic structure with the products valves and the “TURBO JET”, system for the dosing and the recirculation.

Furthermore the system is completed with one or more automated guided vehicle (A.G.V.) provided with a scale, the optional rollers and the dosing control electronic system. The possibility of having more dosing unit on the same dispensing element, allows a wide range of capabilities (1 up to 100 kg.) on the H.P.S machine.

It’s the biggest machine of M.E.S. s.r.l. based upon high-quality technologies which represented a generation change as far as the dye dosing is concerned. Its most important features are the great flexibility in use and the absence of limitations as concerns the number of colours to be managed and the productive ability which can be exactly measured against the user’s actual needs by introducing one or more robots (A.G.V.), each of them with its own productive capacity. Just thanks to such features it has been defined the ”NO LIMITS” machine. H.P.S. is the first Color Kitchen in the world where the idea of ”NO LIMITS” is fully realised. Today we have 23 installations of 94 A.G.V. : 12 Italy (48 A.G.V.), 8 Europe (32 A.G.V.), 1 in Brazil (6 A.G.V.) and 2 in rest of the world (7 A.G.V.).

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