M.E.S. Automation s.r.l.: color kitchens, dosing systems

M.E.S. Automation s.r.l.: color kitchens, dosing systems

Dosing systems: Compact

Dosing systems: details of Compact Mod.

Dosing system CompactCOMPACT (also available in PLUS and MINI version) is a machine designed to automatically dispense liquid dyes and thickeners for printing applications.
The system is based on a compact self-standing mechanical structure. It is shipped fully assembled and tested and may be used immediately upon delivery, without the need for any supporting facilities. The electronically-controlled pneumatic valves that regulate the dye-dispensing mechanism use compressed air to regulate the flow of the products through the “TURBO JET” circuit.

The precision of the system is controlled and guaranteed by a balance that weighs the dyes and thickeners separately (with a resolution of 0.1 gr.). The balance interfaces with electronic circuitry that controls the overall operation. In order to achieve a higher degree of automa¬tion, the system can be equipped with various accessories, including automatic loading tanks, mixing stations and various software, from easy use programs for the recipe management to complete packages for all the printing process. Today we have 36 installations: 4 Italy, 15 Europe,
18 rest of the world.

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